Terms of Service

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The following terms are related to serenityservers.net;

Us, our, ours, ourselves, company, the company, we, SerenityServers, Serenity Servers, serenityservers.net

The following terms refer to you, the customer;

You, your, yourself, the subscriber, the customer, the client.

Price Changes & VAT

All prices shown on our website and billing panel, include Value Added Tax also known as VAT.

When signing up on our client area, you comit to paying the current advertised price.’

Refund Policy

If a customer contact SerenityServers within 24 hours of a subscription payment being made automatically, the customer can request a refund.

In all other cases, SerenityServers does not offer refunds unless SerenityServers forcibly (against your wishes) cancels a service. For SerenityServers triggered cancellations, a pro-rota refund will be provided to cover the remaining prepaid days.

Is your service to be found guilty in any trademarks, copyright or in any other way breaking the Danish law. We reserve the right to suspend the service, and depending on the infringement terminate the service without a possible refund. Read more under ”Termination of service.”

We do not offer refunds on funds added to your SerenityServers account using the "add funds" feature.

Cancellations and downgrades does not entitle you to a refund.


Credit card payments will automatically renew your service(s) until a cancellation request is filled, any payments made for a service during its automatic renewal is final, and standard refund policy apply. Read more about refunds under "Refund Policy"

PayPal subscription payments will automatically renew your service(s) until a cancellation request is filled, and you have cancelled the subscription under your account on paypal, any payments made for a service during its automatic renewal is final, and standard refund policy apply. Read more about refunds under "Refund Policy"


You the client is responsible for creating a cancellation request for your service(s), failing to create a request will result in new invoices being generated and thereby taken from the account holders PayPal subscription or credit card. Any payments made before a cancellation request is filled, are final and standard refund policy apply. Read more about refunds under "Refund Policy"


Termination is done automatically by our system unless staff fell the need to step in if your service is infringing any, see segment "What we don't allow". Terminations are done without any backups being made; you as a client is responsible to do this yourself, read more in the section “Data loss and protection”


SerenityServers is not to be held responsible for any emails landing in your spam/junk folder sent by us. Some emails do contain vital information, so we recommend that you check your spam/junk folder once every week to make sure you did not miss out on any important information.

Service delivery

SerenityServers thrive to provide instant deployment of all services, it do however occur that setups can be delayed up to 24 hours. Do we however fail to provide the service after 24 hours; a full refund can be requested. No payment is taken from your credit card, before the item has been dispatched.

Service uptime and performance

SerenityServers do not guarantee 100% uptime on any of our services, we do however try and get as close to it as possible. The reason for this is the needed maintenance such as upgrades, updates, possible network issues, machine failure etc.

Some services are known to have what is in the computer industry called a “crash” this is when a service or application fails to respond within a timeframe. Some services like Game servers is known to have this issue more often than others, usually because of the user uploaded content like addons, scripts etc. We as a company are not to be held responsible if your service is down duo to user generated mistakes, or if the developers of the game server files fails to provide a stable release. We also strongly recommend not using alpha or beta versions of game software as this can make your server unstable, we will however provide easy access to these but won’t be held responsible for an unstable service following by the use of these unstable versions.

SerenityServers is not to be held responsible for any server side lag or downtime caused by modifications made by the user; this includes but is not limited to mods, plugins, addons or any type of modification done by the user. SerenityServers is not to be held responsible if the service become irreparable because of such modifications, we strongly recommend all users to take frequent backups of their service to minimize the risk of server faults caused by bad modifications, read more under “Data loss and protection”

SerenityServers reserves the right to have our physical servers down for scheduled maintenance 6 hours a month. All maintenance is announced 7 days before, however in some cases this may not be possible to ensure a secure working environment. No refunds are offered because of scheduled downtime.

Service Addons

All service addons include, but are not limited to dedicated IP addresses, separate service upgrades or hostnames. Will be terminated once the service they are attached to are terminated or cancelled, this will happen without any notification to the client.

Data loss and protection

SerenityServers are not to be held responsible for any data loss following a physical machine fault, bad modifications, and corrupt backups. SerenityServers does not backup any services besides webhosting. Even so we strongly recommend that you as a user take a backup at least once a week so you always have a backup in case of a faulty hard drive, bad modifications, corrupt files etc.

DoS & DDoS policy

SerenityServers are not to be held responsible for any downtime caused by a DDoS or DoS Attack, our infrastructure is not made to withstand large amounts of unwanted traffic. If a DDoS or DoS attack is targeted at a specific client service, this will result in the targeted service being suspended until further notice. A null route on the IP, may take effect up to 24 hours even after the attack has stopped.

Policy updates

SerenityServers reserves the right to change all of its policy’s at any time without notifying any of its clients. It is up to the individual client to check for updates on a regular basis, we do however use your personal information as mentioned in our privacy policy to email out once larger paragraph changes are made or added. The staff in charge of the edits decides when notifying the clients are necessary.

Unlimited Webhosting Fair Use

The following limitations apply to our Unlimited Webhosting package.

  • 4 vCores
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 200 GB SSD Storage
  • 1 TB Data Bandwidth

Chargebacks & Disputes

Chargebacks and disputes will result in full account termination and removal of any active servces no exception.

Server customization

SerenityServers is not responsible for customising a client service, Serenity Servers is only responsible for the base service to be operational. A client should be capable of customizing their own server before purchase.

Failing to customize a service is not a valid reason for a refund as the service remained operational during the process. A support member will help undo any customizations done to a server, if the client so desire. It is up to the individual support representative whether or not he/she decides to help with customizing a service. If a client wants help customizing a service a custom quote can be given, if our support staff fails to provide the modifications a full refund will be given for the quote.

SerenityServers provide no warranty on mods installed using the mod manager, we are not responsible for maintaining these mods that is up to its original creators. This mean some mods may be abandoned, outdated or broken. We are not to be held responsible if outdated and broken mods installed from the mod manager cause your server to be unstable.

SerenityServers cannot be held responsible for addons, plugins or other modifications causing the service to be unstable.

What we don't allow

Copyright infringing content and pictures, videos or other visual content containing sexual abuse of minors (below 18). Any content that presents an underage individual in a sexual way, will be removed from our system. See "Termination" and "Dataloss and Protection" for more details.


All our free services are provided only in the term listed, our free webhosting is provided only once per account. Having multiple services does not entitle you to multiple free accounts.


SerenityServers reserve the right to force cancel any service, should a service at any point in time have a negative effect on our infrastructure's performance, make a server box unavaliable or otherwise make a server box unstable. Please see refund policy for info on forced cancellations.

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