High Performance Game Servers

Some of the best locations, DDoS Protection, SSD powered and much more!


MySQL Database

Get a FREE MySQL database with all gameservers we host, and an additional UNLIMITED databases with our free webhosting.


Our protection is capable of filtering out any Layer 7 attacks, and 60.000.000 PPS. We also filter UDP, TCP and any attacks people thow at your server!

Free webhosting

Ever wanted a forum to go along with that gameserver? Now you get one, free of charge. Install forums, donation software and more on our free webhosting!

7 Days Money Back

All of our gameservers are covered by 7-day money back guarantee, if you’re unsatisfied with the service provided.

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Our goal? To change the hosting business, one server at a time. - Founder & CEO, Mikkel

Great locations

We expand our network all the time, see our current locations below.

A list of the locations we have.
  • map marker Los Angeles, California
  • map marker Dallas, Texas
  • map marker Miami, Florida
  • map marker Chicago, Illinois
  • map marker New York City, New York
  • map marker Beauharnois, Canada
  • map marker London, England
  • map marker Strasbourg, France