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Garry's Mod game servers

Players Ram Mods DDoS Protection Price
Up to 120 Unlimited Unlimited Protected $0.58 /slot Configure
32 slots Unlimited Unlimited Protected $14.05 /month Configure

One-click Mod Installer

Ulx Admin Mod DBugR Enhanced Perception Of Errors Awarn 2 (free)
Prop Hunt DarkRP Modification Addon DarkRP Gamemode Clockwork Framework 96.3 Basewars Jailbreak Deathrun Clockwork Framework 0.92 Nutscript framework Nutscript HL2RP Guess Who Clockwork Framework 0.97
EasyLUA Utime 1.4 Gooey VFS Gcompute Armoured Combat Extras TDM car pack M9k Weapon pack Sickness models LoneWolfiesCars dvanced Combat Framework + Extras
Wiremod Wiremod Extras Advanced Duplicator 2 ad2filestream module bass2
Mysqloo v9.5 Tmysql4 1.01 Bromstock Enginespew XDRM Streams Midi Cryptrandom
Carter Addons Pack Code Cap resource files Cap Fonts Spacebuild Project

Feel free to request mods to be added.

Garry's Mod is a sandbox game created by Garry, Facepunch. Most people play Roleplay, where you create a character and make money selling illegal goods, trading guns etc. This game has so many oppotunities with both Deathrun, Prophunt & much more! We have a large knowledgebase with articles on how you can create a server in Garry's Mod, we also provide articles on setting up DarkRP and using workshop addons.



Making it easy for you to customize your server, from the control panel you can install mods, plugins, upload files etc. And have full FTP access to your server!


Our protection is capable of filtering up to 20 Gbit of pure VSE traffic, and 60.000.000 PPS. We also filter UDP, TCP and any attacks people thow at your server!


If you have problems installing mods, gamemodes, workshop addons or paid scripts. Our support is here to help you through the entire process!

Advanced server seperation

All Gmod servers run in its own envorinment, seperated from any other user and server on our system.