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No you do not, simple as that. You can cancel at any time, for whatever reason.
Our pricing shown on the page is based of DKK, and converted using only the latest rates provided by our bank. Transaction by PayPal is converted to DKK for ease of use, but it has absolutely no effect on the overall price you pay.
Game Servers
Yes indeed! You get 1 free MySQL server with all gameservers, this is setup automatically. Not only that, you can setup unlimited MySQL databases on the free webhosting that we offer with all game services.
Correct, you get access to FTP and you have the ability to modify everything beside executable files.
The only service that we limit ourselves is Minecraft, which is sold by RAM instead of slots. All other slot based games have no restrictions besides its 32-bit software limit, of 4 GB ram. This however is consistent from any provider, as the limit is by the 32 bit architecture and not a variable.