DDoS Protection

How we protect your server

How does it work?

Our filters consist of a wide varity of solutions, that helps filter everything big and small. However, the most promenent piece of hardware we use, in all our current locations, is Corero Smartwall which is a slim DDoS protection appliance that can deliver up to 20 Gbps each of raw traffic. In each of our locations, we have 4 or more of these setup togehter, which allows filtering of up to 80 Gbps at any time. This however is usually not enough with todays standard, if we're talking Amplification attacks. Therefore all locations has a 400 Gbit backbone, with a slightly less complicated system that picksup all amplification methods before it reaches our more advanced layers.

What about massive attacks?

In the case of a massive attack, we have Voxility LLC on call, which will put your servers IP into Always On mode. This will result in a small ping increase, but will direct all traffic through their VAC layers, which has a theoretical max of over 1 Tbps or 1000 Gbps.

What about VSE (Valve Source Exploit)?

This is a particular type of attack, that targets the source engine. This engine is starting to show its age, and has never been optimized for dealing with layer 7 attacks. Therefore, external filtering is required. All our locations uses Corero Smartwall technology, and will filter up to 80 Gbps of pure VSE.