How we started - 2014

The story behind SerenityServers is long, so we wont bother you with the full story.

It all began in the beginning of June, 2013. I was looking for a place where I could host my Minecraft server, but for some reason all sites that sold these all felt kinda meh. I wanted a professional solution, with a transparent company that knew what they were doing. I jumped from provider to provider, all had some flaw. Too many gameservers on a single node, not enough performance, support that required a "premium" to even use etc. The list goes on and on. So instead of waiting for somebody to atleast attempt to meet my requirements, I figured somebody else was looking for a provider like I was. I took it into my own hands, and after 9 months of planning, contacting datacenters, web design, automation etc. SerenityServers was born. For gamers by gamers may be overused, but in this case it really is by gamers. After 6000+ hours in Garry's mod, and 2000 in CSGO and Minecraft. I know my way around games, and hosting them too. So come on in, what can we do for you?

Meet the team

Mikkel is the Founder, Administrative support manager, Lead developer, System Administrator & pretty much everything else. You have most likely all spoken to him, as he does most of the live support, tickets, emails etc.

In his spare time he programs PHP, HTML, CSS & Lua. He also likes to take care of his bonsai tree, long walks on the beach and watching the sun go down over the horizon. Not to mention the time spend managing the company :)

He is has studied computer science, and is a certified Cisco network associate, and certified in Microsoft Windows Server 2008 & 7. Years of experience with Linux, Firewalls, DDoS and more.

Thank you for reading this, now you know a little more about who is managing it all behind the scenes :)

Company address

T: +45 6571 1337
Hours: 16 - 22 GMT

Dollerupparken 2
6640, Lunderskov

CVR: DK35774327